Biz with the Best: RANDY DEGUZMAN KNOWS most of the Orange County Area and how your property compares to and competes against other properties in different locations.


RANDY DEGUZMAN is NOT a salesman, he is a HELPman (someone who helps and guides you to get what you need versus what you want by him providing you relevant information and other reliable investment sources about real estate per se). Such bases shall help you come up with an informed selling and/or buying decision that can help factor-in your choices toward meeting your desired goals and objectives in life. In summary, he shall explain how the local economy, employment and job market as well as the interest rates influence and affect the value of your real estate property.

RANDY DEGUZMAN is BILINGUAL and MULTICULTURAL -- Not only is he fluent in English and Tagalog (and somewhat fluent in Spanish); moreover, he is effective in dealing with diverse people of different cultures. He learned early-on in his real-estate career (as he interacted with buyers and sellers from many different backgrounds) that there are indeed “different strokes for different folks”. So he factors-in the other party's culture and religion when negotiating the best deal for you (such as Feng Shui, good-luck charms, signs, and different seasons and reasons to buy). Therefore, he will reorient you away from such buying habits (or bullying tactics) that influence the selling or buying of your property in today’s ever-changing real-estate demographics.

RANDY DEGUZMAN is a skilled NEGOTIATOR -- He will make sure YOU WIN as he nets you the most money in the least amount of time whether you are selling or buying. He will get you the best deal possible as well as HELP you obtain the best prevailing interest rate and terms.

RANDY DEGUZMAN is ENTREPRENEURIAL -- His character, work ethic, long history of success (in sales, marketing, and asset management) and his life experience come into play as he (not his assistant) works directly with you and scrutinizes with a "hands-on" approach all the relevant documents, disclosures, and contingency plans during the selling process. His treatment guarantees an error-free, stress-free and headache-free transaction when he represents you.

RANDY DEGUZMAN has the Time, Talent, Tools, Technology and Transparency to Take your Transaction to the Top; and he will treat you like family. He will act on your behalf with Tender Loving Care from the start to the close of escrow.

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