Sellers: RANDY DEGUZMAN has sold numerous properties since 1987. Hence, he knows how your property compares and competes against those in the same city as well as in other cities where the Law of Supply and Demand and other variables come into play.

Buyers: RANDY DEGUZMAN has been living in California since 1987 ever since moving from the Philippines to San Francisco.

IRS 1031 Exchange and IRS 121: RANDY DEGUZMAN has participated in multiple IRS 1031 Exchange transactions with Accommodators (also known as Qualified Intermediaries). Accomodators are commonly known as Exchange Accommodators or Exchange Facilitators. Accomodators help Owners to defer their taxes by exchanging investment properties. Likewise, he has also assisted homeowners on their IRS 121 Exclusion of Gain on the sale of Primary Residence. Please call RANDY DEGUZMAN as to how he can help you with such.

Borrowers: RANDY DEGUZMAN is well-informed with the current market economy. When the financial climate is best-suited for refinancing, he will show you how to get the best rate and terms while saving on closing costs.

Landlords: RANDY DEGUZMAN has personally managed his own property portfolios where he can share with you his success in finding the right tenants who pay on time, don't complain about minor repairwork and could even be handy to perform minor repair jobs as well as those who won't bother you by calling you at odd hours. Likewise, he will advise you on how to minimize expenses through managing your repair-work labor and material costs. With his cost-saving tips, you will get your repairs done in a timely manner -- thereby preventing property deterioration. This will result in an increase in your property's value (which leads to your increased ability to raise your tenants' rent and/or conduct a 1031 Exchange).

Tenants: RANDY DEGUZMAN will guide you in preparing all of your credit documentation to convince your landlord to pick you as the most-qualified renter.