Other Services
Property Management: MORE TO COME....

Referrals Paid: RANDY DEGUZMAN pays a referral fee (from his own pocket after a successful escrow closing of the subject property) to any qualified Real Estate licensees and/or to any other private parties when due, void where prohibited by law.

Include your legal name, referred lead (including their phone number and email address) and property address. Only the first person that makes the referral shall be paid if and when the payment is due upon close of escrow. The referral fee can also be credited toward closing costs when escrow closes (whether you're a buyer or seller). Please contact RANDY DEGUZMAN for details.

Relocation: RANDY DEGUZMAN is a member of Global Relocation System and actively participates in assisting most government personnel as well as military staff and their families in the different parts of the world. Thus, you will have maximum listing and buying exposure in the real-estate market.

Representation: RANDY DEGUZMAN has handled divorce mediations and took on the role of a neutral adviser for both husband and wife in ensuring the equal portions of their respective shares from the sales proceeds.
RANDY DEGUZMAN likewise has assisted in bankruptcy-related sales, bank short-sales and foreclosures, as well as probate proceedings while collaborating with various lawyers, administrators, heirs and other parties.
Consult with RANDY DEGUZMAN so that he can discuss and navigate with you the complexities involved in such while he networks with appropriate agencies and concerned professionals in the field.

Resales: RANDY DEGUZMAN participates in HUD and VA property resales as well as PPAs (Private Property Auctions). Please call him now so that he can fully discuss these with you.