Introducing RANDY DEGUZMAN with Realty One Group!
God bless Phil-USA!
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RANDY DEGUZMAN is a local Real Estate agent. He has sold properties in the area since 1987. His solid experience guarantees you a worry-free escrow as he labors to protect your best interests.

RANDY DEGUZMAN's Ten Ps (for your total piece of mind).

1. Properties
RANDY DEGUZMAN uses the most-effective valuation method.

2. Places
RANDY DEGUZMAN knows the area well.
"Location, location, location" is the key to value.

3. Pricing
RANDY DEGUZMAN keeps track of the economy along with interest rates, so he will get buyers the best bargain and sellers top-dollar, and in a timely manner.

4. People
Being multicultural, RANDY DEGUZMAN will locate and work with the most-qualified buyers and the most-motivated sellers in this diverse real-estate market.

5. Personalizing
RANDY DEGUZMAN alone (not his assistant) takes a hands-on approach in handling your real-estate paperwork as he meticulously scrutinizes it.

6. Planning
RANDY DEGUZMAN customizes a formidable marketing plan SUITABLE for you and negotiates the best terms to the advantage of you alone.

7. Purchases
RANDY DEGUZMAN just doesn't hang a for-sale sign, he hangs a SOLD sign.

8. Property Managing
RANDY DEGUZMAN is also a Landlord and handles Property Management in successfully dealing with hard-to-deal-with Tenants as he screens their creditworthiness, ability to pay on time, employment history, and other factors. He does all this so you will avoid evictions and other rental and leasing difficulties.

9. Peer-to-Peer Investing
As an investor, RANDY DEGUZMAN has been successful with various business enterprises and in owning rental properties. Therefore, you will assuredly benefit from his profitable business advice.

10. Promoting
RANDY DEGUZMAN will wage a tireless campaign to promote listings in the open market by any means possible (through social media, radio, TV, the Web and even doorknocking).

So start packing!
Remember: RANDY DEGUZMAN is not a Salesman -- he is MrHELPman.
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Phone: 949.339.SOLD (7653)
Phone: 657.229.HELP (4357)